Metal Production

Metal Production Division

We specialize primarily in the manufacture of oil tanks and accessories for hydraulic aggregates. We make standard serial tanks and collection basins using our own documentation, but we concentrate mainly on the manufacture of atypical products according to individual customers’ drawing documentation. With the broad range of our technological provisions, we are able to offer a comprehensive production program that includes material cutting, bending, welding, sanding, and finishing. 

Technological Processes

Material cutting

  • CNC cutting, automatic autogenous / plasma
    • autogenous
    • plasma
  • hydraulic scissors
    • cut length 3,000 mm
  • band saw BOMAR ECONIMIC 410.260

Parts shaping

  • hydraulic bender
  • sheet bender

Parts machining

  • radial drill
  • stand drill – 2 x
  • punching machine – KL 1300


  • 6 welding stations
  • Welding of carbon and stainless steel
  • Used methods: MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, MMA
  • Maximum weldment size 12,500 kg
  • Power sources:
    • ESAB 4004i – 1x
    • Kühtreiber KIT 500 – 4x
    • Kitin 265 – 1x
    • Lincoln Electric 505S– 1x


  • sanding box
    • dimensions 7x5x4x5
    • abrasive steel grit
  • wet paint cabin
    • dimensions 8 x 4 x 3 m (v x š x l)
    • high-pressure spray GRACO

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