Metal Machining

Metal Machining Division

CNC machineInitially, the metal machining division functioned as a division that provided support to the metal production division, primarily in the area of machining couplings, covers/lids, other hydraulic components, and production of accessories to hydraulic oil tanks, especially nipples and flanges. Today, it is an independent division after a significant transformation and renovation of the company’s machinery.

Conventional machining gradually expanded to include CNC machining using modern CNC machines. The implementation of CNC technology brought a revolution in productivity and product precision. Whether we speak of serial or customized production, the fact is that we are able to offer you state-of-the-art products of the highest quality.

Overview of our machinery

CNC lathe HAAS - Type SL20HE – 1 pc

Technical details:
Swing radius: 210 mm
Turning length: 610 mm
Spindle passage: 52 mm
Spindle RPM: 4000 /min

CNC lathe VASON - Type YCM GT300MA – 1 pc

Technical details:
Swing radius: 350 mm
Turning length: 700 mm
Spindle passage: 75 mm
Spindle rpm: 3,500/ min

CNC lathe MAS SMARTURN 120 – 1 pc

Technical details:
Swing radius:120 mm
Turning length: 250 mm
Spindle passage: 30 mm
Spindle rpm: 8,000/ min

CNC milling center – Vertical HAAS Type VF – 3 - 2 pcs

Technical details:
X - axis = 1016 mm
Y - axis = 508 mm
Z - axis = 635 mm
Spindle rpm: 7,500 /min

Broaching machine

horizontal - 2 St
vertical - 1 St

Broaching pins with tolerance JS 9


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